We thank all our guests who made this evening such an enjoyable night, all our sponsors, without whom we would have not been able to raise those funds, as well as all those who were not able to attend but who generously contributed to the charity.



Thank you very much to François Wavre, photographer, Rezo, ,for the pictures of the event:

We would like to thank Inge Leutscher and Excellence-International, for organizing the beautiful art exhibition.

Indian Contemporary Art Exhibition

by 27 Art Street, India


Orientalist Art Exhibition

by Loubna Ayouche Combalat



For any purchase of a painting from the above art collection - through the charity event, a percentage will be given to Treasure for the school in Pomgaon.

Please contact Inge:

Excellence International, PO Box 265, 1211 Geneva 21,


Amount raised at and through the event:

Auction: CHF 1‘950

Tombola: CHF 1‘650

Event tickets: CHF 1‘150

Donations during the event: CHF 219

Amount raised around the event: CHF 1‘325

Total: CHF 7‘344