Pictures of the school before the work began - prior to May 2009:



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Amounts raised & how

from September 2008 to October 2009


-- Children of Pomgaon - Charity gala

27 February 2009 at the Mandarin Oriental

Geneva, Switzerland.................CHF 13‘300

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-- Children of Pomgaon - Charity cocktail

6 September 2009 at the Parc des Eaux-Vives

Geneva, Switzerland.................CHF 7‘300

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-- Tandoori Nights - Diwali celebration

10 October 2009 at Ganesh Bar

Geneva, Switzerland..................CHF 1.000

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-- Private................................CHF 900

-- Corporate............................CHF 2‘500

We would like to thank all of our generous donators, sponsors of events, contributors, the team of Treasure and their friends for their hard work. Thanks to each one of us, we are able to make a difference in a village in India today, this education will spread to regions and generations, and this is thanks to each of us.

2009 - With the remaining funds:

  1. 1.Getting children’s uniforms made (250 pieces): est. INR 70‘000. i.e. $1‘500

  1. 2.Repairing one more classroom + kindergarden room buildings: est. INR 100‘000, i.e. $2‘200

  1. 3.Getting 2 computers - as the school now has electricity thanks to the solar plant: est. INR 25‘000, i.e. $600

  1. 4.Organizing a medical camp for the children and the villagers: est. INR 25‘000, i.e. $600

The Children of Pomgaon



  1. Bullet  All buildings and classrooms in proper condition. In which teachers have proper resources to give courses and children can study properly.

  2. Bullet Clean and safe dormitory. Many children live far away and transport is either expensive or unavailable, they therefore need to sleep in the premises.

  3. Bullet  Food facility. An equipped kitchen, with eating facilities is necessary. As with sanitation, children also need to learn about good nutrition.

  4. Bullet  Certified instructors to teach English. The language thought in the school is Marathi. English is widely spoken in the local services and industries. Therefore English is needed to allow children to progress themselves and their families, with minimizing the risks for them to end up in slums

  5. Bullet   Bus school. Pomgaon’s school being the only school in the region, many children cannot attend school due to transportation problems

  6. Bullet  Computers. As we now have electricity in the school, instructors can teach them the logic of a computer, and the use of the basic tools.

Medical Camp

A medical camp is being organized for 350/400 children and villagers: children from the school, from the surrounding villages, and parents.

Free medications including Iron, calcium, multi vitamins, protein powder, anti scabies lotion in addition to antibiotics, cough syrups, etc.... (symptomatic treatment)

The medical camp is being organized by Dr Ameet Dhurandhar and his team: 4 doctors and 3 volunteers + local school staff.

The camp will start in the morning bout 7am and should finish by 5pm.